Considerations in selecting photos

  • The picture can be bright, colourful and cheerful. Nature pictures are calming whereas black and white pictures are often stylish.
  • You can change the image whenever you want, so be brave and try something different.
  • You can also search images and inspiration at numerous image banks like Shutterstock, which stocks over a hundred million images.
  • Send the selected images to us digitally and we will crop it to the correct proportions and enlarge it to the correct size. Before printing the image, we will check the picture quality and send the picture to you for approval.
  • We will usually adjust colours and brightness but we ask customers to do more demanding “photoshoping” with the help of a knowledgeable friend or professional.
  • Large panorama pictures need good technical picture quality, a steady hand for good focus and enough pixels but even so: 
    the content and mood of the picture are more important than technical quality.
  • Everybody can however take good panorama pictures by taking several normal pictures side by side and letting the computer software “stitch” the pictures together into one large panorama.
  • The Luxnel picture is printed on plastic for improved lucence and then both sides are laminated for improved rigidity and strength so that it will last years of use, cleaning and changing.